As I Get Instructions For More Makes And Model Radios I Will Add Them Here.


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Kenwood TM-281

  1. Have the radio set to 146.820
  2. Press F
  3. Press Menu
  4. Go to Menu 2
  5. Press Menu then turn the dial to 118.8
  6. Press menu again.
  7. Turn Dial to Menu 3
  8. Press Menu again then turn dial to 118.8
  9. Press Menu again.
10. Press F to get out.
11. Press F then Call until you see the letters CT in the upper left of display.
12. Press F then MR. Now it’s saved in memory.



Yaesu FT-1900R

Have Your Radio Set To 146.820
CTCSS setup involves two actions: setting the
Tone Mode and then setting of the Tone Frequency. These actions are set up by using the Set (Menu) mode, selections #49 (SQL.TYP) and #52 (TN FRQ).
1. Press and hold in the [MHz(SET)]key for one second, then rotate the DIAL knob to select “49 SQL.TYP.”
2. Press the [MHz (SET)] key, then rotate the DIAL knob so that “TONE appears on the display; this activates the CTCSS Encoder, which allows repeater access.
3. Rotating the DIAL knob one more click clockwise in the above step will cause “ TSQL to appear. When “TSQL” appears, this means that the Tone Squelch system is active, which mutes your FT-1900R’s receiver until it receives a call from another radio sending out a matching CTCSS tone. This can help keep your radio quiet until a specific call is


Kenwood TS-2000

Have Your Radio Set To 146.820

Instructions are on page 35 of the manual.





Yaesu FT-2900R

Have Your Radio Set To 146.820
Page 23 of the manual. Set your Tone to 118.8.
Turn on your CTCSS tone also to 118.8.

Our repeaters CTCSS tone is set to 118.8 in and out. The instructions are on page 23 of your Manual. Click on the link below for a copy of your Manual.