Our Mission


Advancing Amateur Radio in Northern Lower Michigan. Our mission is to introduce more people to all the fun things you can do in Amateur Radio and how important it is to our communities.

If you are interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator please come join us at our Club Meetings! Second Tuesday of every month at the Gaylord Regional Airport 6:30pm.

Ron Applebey W8RFA

Club President

Ron is a licensed Physicians Assistant working the local area Walk In Clinics. He is interested in all forms of amateur radio. Loves the outdoors and just about any kind of adventure, as you can see in the picture on the right. He has been doing a great job leading our club to new heights with fresh new ideas and things to do.

Randy Savoix W1WRS

Club Photographer/Website Editor


Randy is a Retired Musician and has been into Internet Marketing for many years. He is also an Avid Amateur Radio Operator. Loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping. Randy and Ron have made a good team working together to bring new ideas and making things happen for our Club.




Our Members

The best group of people who love to have a good time!