For You That Have A Wires-X Capable Radio We Are On Wires-X Digital.


Node Is at W1WRS Randy’s House. 146.550 Digital.

You can talk on it with any Yaesu Fusion Digital Radio.

If you have a Hot Spot or Wires-X from anywhere in the world you can connect to us here in Gaylord Michigan.

For More Information On Wires-X CLICK HERE.



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Introducing More People To Amateur Radio Everyday!

Our Mission

Advancing Amateur Radio in Northern Lower Michigan. Our mission is to introduce more people to all the fun things you can do in Amateur Radio and how important it is to our communities.

If you are interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator please come join us at our Club Meetings!

Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at the Gaylord Regional Airport. 6:30pm. General public welcome!

Net Meetings

Net meetings are held every Tuesday night at 8:30pm except the second Tuesday of the month due to our Club Meetings. Everyone is welcome to come join us. You can also check in on Echo Link!

Sign up for our Newsletter!

To find out what’s going on. Club Events and More.

If you’re not getting our Newsletter check your spam or junk folder.


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Upcoming Events & Testing

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Club Meeting Tuesday 10/9/2018

6:30pm Gaylord Regional Airport.

Come Join Us!

General Public Welcome!

Members that have Digital Radios

Ron Applebey W8RFA

Randy Savoix W1WRS

Cheryl Savoix KE8GYL

Richard Boik KA8ADB

Todd Hopp KD8MTM

Ron Odenwald W8RPM

Jeff Grandmason N8CDM

Alpena’s 5th Annual Swap Meet!

October 6th at the Alpena Mall 9 AM – 1 PM

Make a trip to Alpena, Michigan. Take in a great Swap and see some of the other sites and events in the Alpena area on this weekend.

Click link for brochure Alpena Swap 2018


Bowling Was A Big Hit!

The February Club Meeting was held at the Gaylord Bowling Center and we did some bowling after the meeting.

Thank W8RPM Ron Odenwald For Setting This Up For Us.

 Thank’s to everyone that came. We had a really good time!

 We Always Do!

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Testing Sessions!

Testing Tuesday 11/13/18 6:30pm

Gaylord Regional Airport.

We are having Testing Sessions at our Club Meetings every other month!

Ham Study Online!

SharkRF openSPOT Dstar/DMR/Fusion Hotspot.

Another way to get on Dstar/DMR and Wires-X.

Voice Over Internet Protocol.

February 13th 2018 Club Meeting And Bowling

Great People. Great Club. We Always Have A Good Time!

Thank W8RPM Ron Odenwald For Setting This Up For Us.

Gaylord Bowling Center.

Photos By: W1WRS

 Wires-X Demonstration.

 Wires-X demonstration using the Yaesu FTM-100D.

This is just one of the Wires-X capable radios available.

There is also the FT-991A, FTM-400XDR and FT2DR HT.

Check them out at DX Engineering.

Click Here

FT-101E Raffle!

Congratulations to Joe Hickerson N8JTQ!

The Winner Of The FT-101E Raffle.

Click Below For Bigger Picture.


When TSHTF or in the event of National Disaster if you don’t know Ham Radio Operators will be there keeping communications open helping our National Security Protecting and keeping you, our communities, and our Nation safe when no one else can “You Got Another Thing Coming”. We will be there!

If you are interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator contact your local clubs and get involved. We also have a lot of fun. Find out all the things you can do in Amateur Radio.

Photos and video by: Randy Savoix W1WRS