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Introducing More People To Amateur Radio Everyday!

Our Mission

Advancing Amateur Radio in Northern Lower Michigan. Our mission is to introduce more people to all the fun things you can do in Amateur Radio and how important it is to our communities.

If you are interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator please come join us at our Club Meetings!

Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at the Gaylord Regional Airport. 6:30pm. General public welcome!

Net Meetings

Net meetings are held every Tuesday night at 8:30pm except the second Tuesday of the month due to our Club Meetings. Everyone is welcome to come join us. You can also check in on Echo Link!

Sign up for our Newsletter!

To find out what’s going on. Club Events and More.


Club Members Only

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Upcoming Events & Testing

Check Out Our Events Page!

Club Meeting Tuesday 6/6/2017

Gaylord Regional Airport 6:30 pm

50/50 Raffle. $1.00 per Ticket!

6 Tickets for $5.00!

Proceeds go to Repeater Fund.

Looking for climber to climb 65′ foot tower.

Members that have Digital Radios

Ron Applebey W8RFA

Randy Savoix W1WRS

Cheryl Savoix KE8GYL

Richard Boik KA8ADB

Richard Buckstiegel WD8JVQ

George Woloskie N8IVW

Todd Hopp KD8MTM


Going To Spruce Up The Repeater Room!

Planning on painting, putting in a work bench and better lighting. Anyone that would like to help let us know at the next meeting.






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Spring Camp-Out 2017

Johnson’s Crossing Trail Camp.

May 19th at 10:00 AM to May 21st to 4:00 PM.

Click here for Map.

Testing Sessions!

Testing Tuesday 7/11/17 6:30pm

Gaylord Regional Airport.

We are having Testing Sessions at our Club Meetings every other month!

Find Dates on our Events Page.


Congratulations to Cheryl Savoix KE8GYL & Shawn Bahleda KE8GYM on Passing there Technician Test!

How Not To Install Coax To Your Antenna!

Unless You Want Your Coax Cut Into.

Wings Over Gaylord 2016

Music Composed and Performed by Randy Savoix.
Photos were taken at Wings Over Gaylord 2016.

Photos and music by Randy Savoix. W1WRS

All Rights Reserved By RC Recording Studios.

When TSHTF or in the event of National Disaster if you don’t know Ham Radio Operators will be there keeping communications open helping our National Security Protecting and keeping you, our communities, and our Nation safe when no one else can “You Got Another Thing Coming”. We will be there!

If you are interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator contact your local clubs and get involved. We also have a lot of fun. Find out all the things you can do in Amateur Radio.

Pictures and video by: Randy Savoix W1WRS