Top Of Michigan Amateur Radio Club


Top Of Michigan Amateur Radio Club

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Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce more people to all the fun things you can do in Amateur Radio and how important it is to our communities. If you are an Amateur Radio Operator, interested in Amateur Radio, or want to become an Amateur Radio Operator please come join us at our Club Meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday every month 6:30pm at the Gaylord Regional Airport. All are welcome!


 Welcome To Our New Club Member

WD8JVQ Richard Buckstiegel.




The repeaters PL tone 118.8 in and out has been turned on Friday 9/30/2016. Make sure you have it turned on in your radios to access the repeater.

tomarc2Fixing The Digital Noise In Your Analog Radios.tomarc2

System Fusion allows state of the art digital C4FM users and legacy analog FM users to share the same repeater. All recent transceivers have a “tone squelch” or “CTCSS tone decode” option that can be enabled. When the repeater is used for FM, a tone of 118.8 Hz is transmitted –the same as the one required to access it. Setting this function on your radio(s) will silence the audio until it receives a signal containing that tone. That way, you won’t hear the digital signals.

In other words turn on your Radios CT or CTCSS Tone.

If you have a problem bring your radios to the next meeting and we will spend some time setting them up.

Instructions For Setting CTCSS Tone.

Check For Your Model Radio By Clicking Here.


Yaesu Come Out With A Budget 2 Meter Digital.


If you’ve been waiting to get into Digital there’s no need to wait any longer!


More Great Yaesu Digital Radios!


tomarc2tomarc2Top Of Michigan Amateur Radio Club

2016 Fall Camp-out

 Everyone had a really great time! Also had a testing session and have a couple of New Amateur Radio Operators.

Congratulations to Rob Milligan KE8FHM and Allen Ballard KE8FHL!



Winter Weather Spotter Classes

NWS Gaylord will begin winter weather spotter classes in October, continuing through the middle of November. These classes are free, last about 90 minutes and are open to everyone. Some topics we will cover this year include how the warm Great Lakes this year may impact the winter, winter forecast challenges in the Great Lakes, snow measurement techniques, a winter re-cap of last year and a winter outlook for this year. If you are interested in learning more about winter weather in the Great Lakes, I would encourage you to attend one of these classes.

Additional questions or comments should be sent to or call NWS Gaylord at  989-732-9306 .


 Tuesday Night Nets On 146.820 CTCSS Tone 118.8Hz At 8:30pm. Except The Second Tuesday Of The Month Due To Club Meetings.

You Can Also Join In On Echo Link! Come Join Us!


MARC Repeater Directory

 Real Time Lightning Map



Wings Over Gaylord2Wings Over Gaylord


Wings Over Gaylord Photos By Randy Savoix




Come Visit Gaylord!



                                                                    Field Day 2016. Had A Really Great Time!

When TSHTF or in the event of National Disaster if you don’t know Ham Radio Operators will be there keeping communications open helping our National Security Protecting and keeping you, our communities, and our Nation safe when no one else can “You Got Another Thing Coming”. We will be there!

If you are interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator contact your local clubs and get involved. We also have a lot of fun. Find out all the things you can do in Amateur Radio.

Randy Savoix:



                                                                                                                                                    Photos and video by Randy Savoix W1WRS.




P.O. Box 15

Gaylord, MI 49735